Bobby is leading mock Code Blue sims throughout the hospital. The coordinator of one unit, where the culture is known to be challenging, requests for the mock code to be a “surprise,” because “it’ll be more like the real thing.” How should Bobby respond to the coordinator?
Hmmm, that’s a good point. You’re right – the most challenging Code Blue situations are those that are unexpected, and our goal is to improve our Code Blue response. It might be best to mimic that high-stress environment – the participants will learn much more. What are your thoughts?
I agree that real Code Blue situations can be unexpected. However, given the history of this unit, and given some people’s past negative experiences with sim and real code situations, I’m worried that a surprise mock Code Blue will be poorly received. It might come across as a “test” where we’re evaluating the staff’s performance. I’m also worried about deliberately putting people in a high-stress environment, without warning or without having first set some boundaries, given the interpersonal challenges which exist. What are your thoughts?
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