Bobby, an experienced sim facilitator, has been coaching Alex in simulation-based education. At the end of their conversation, Alex states, “Thanks Bobby – you’re right. I should have spent more time on the prebrief.” What was the issue Bobby was helping Alex with?
Alex was having a difficult time keeping the learners focused on the learning objectives during the debrief. The session was meant to be about Code Blue situations; instead, the participants kept fixating on staffing issues.
As the sim scenario and following debrief unfolded, it was clear that the participants didn’t have the required knowledge to be successful in the sim. None of the participants knew the roles of the responders, what the Code Blue process was, or how to identify when a Code Blue should be called.
During the scenario, participants kept breaking the “fiction contract” – they didn’t go through the motions as if things were really happening. They kept asking Alex for answers and what to do. In the debrief, the participants began many of their sentences with, “Well, it wasn’t real, so…”
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