Focus on Analysis

Alex is a clinician who just finished taking the simulation facilitator course. Knowing Bobby is experienced in the use of sim, Alex asks Bobby, “I still don’t understand why the ‘Analysis’ box in the PEARLS framework is so big. Why are there so many options?” How should Bobby respond?
PEARLS is a blended debriefing model, which means that it “blends” together different approaches during the analysis phase. The Analysis phase is large because the debriefer has the option of choosing between debriefing approaches, as opposed to sticking with one particular format each time.
Different groups of learners will require different debriefing methods – PEARLS takes that into account, and provides some suggestions for how to approach those different learners in the Analysis phase.
PEARLS is a scripted debriefing tool – the analysis phase is the most important, which is why the box is so large in the framework.
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